Remedii pt. traumatisme oculare (engleza)

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Remedii pt. traumatisme oculare (engleza)

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Aconitum – Aconite is often called the Arnica for the eye. It will help heal minor abrasions due to foreign objects in the eye.t can help with inflammation and the blood-shot redness associated with injury. Often this is the first remedy to think of especially if the injury is accompanied with great fear or shock. Sensitive to light.

Arnica- Along with Aconite Arnica is high on the list of first remedies in any emergency especially the eye. Arnica is most indicated when there has been a blow to the eye socket by a blunt object. It can often help prevent the Black-eye from developing after injury.

Euphrasia - “EyeBright”. This remedy is very useful in allergic reactions or other conditions that leave the eye with an injected look. Open and bloodshot this remedy can often bring great relief after injury.

Hypericum – When there is great pain associated to the eye injury or after being violated by a more pointed object Hypericum can offer relief. Hypericum or Calendula tincture in water can soothe the eye after scratch or other injuries.

Ledum – After injury by a blunt object to the eye socket Ledum can often be the best remedy especially if there is any relief from the application of cold to the injury. It is the first remedy to think of after the black eye has appeared. Also useful in drooping of the eye lids after injury.

Physostigma – after injury when the eyelids cannot be opened. There can also be twitching of the eye muscles. Glaucoma after eye injury.

Ruta Graveolens – Injury due to eye strain. From over-using the eye, reading fine print.

Silicea – Silica is the homeopathic scalpel. It will help remove foreign objects embedded in any tissue.

Symphytum – This remedy is very important in any injury to the eye ball itself. If the eye looks like it has somehow lost fluid or the surface is no longer smooth but corrugated, symphytum is the indicated remedy.

Senega can be used after operation on the eye to clear the remanants of the lens.
osmium & physostigma are benificial to decrease intra-ocular pressure in case of glucoma

arnica alternately with hamamelis can be used to absorb intraocular haemorrhage.
Arnica is the best remedy.Even pain with blow or upto subconjunctival haemorrahage it is good.In pollination/ spring season,eupharasia may be good in watery eyes.
The tips given are very useful.


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