Remedii pt. astm (engleza)

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Remedii pt. astm (engleza)

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Antimonium Tartaricum – Great rattling of mucous in the chest. Difficult expectoration during the cough with much relief after expectoration.

Aconitum – Great fear of death during the attack. Will say I am dying.

Arsenicum Album – Valuable acute and chronic remedy. Restlessness, and anxiety. Fear to lie down for fear of suffocation. Feeling as if dust had been inhaled.

Carcinosin – Great remedy for children after vaccination or suppressed skin eruptions.

Ipecacuanha – Spasmodic asthma with violent contraction of throat and chest.

Kali Bichromicum – Expectoration that is tough and tenacious. 3am to 4am aggravation. Summer or winter aggravations. Must sit up to breathe.

Lachesis – Attacks during sleep. Cannot bear anything around the neck or chest. Worse after eating, talking, moving arms, touching throat. Better sitting up and bent forward.

Lobelia inflata – Difficulty breathing. Prickly sensation all over. Emptiness in the stomach. Lump sensation in the throat.

Natrum Sulphuricum
– Often inherited of a sycotic miasm. Sensitive to dampness or bathing. Attacks at 4am to 5am. Rattling and wheezing with a green purulent expectoration.

Spongia tosta – Worse after sleep or sleeps into an attack. No rattle in breathing. Respiration loud, wheezing, sawing, whistling and anxious. Worse at the full moon. Dry cough.

Thuja – After suppressed gonorrhea. After vaccination. Inherited sycotic miasm.


Aspidoserma and senega (both in Q and in low potencies) are very effective for suffocation in asthma

Ignatia has been so helpful for me in relieving asthma, and a clue that my emotional concerns around grief and attachment can be a trigger for me.

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