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Remedii pt. tuse (engleza)

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Aconite – for a cough due to exposure to a cold dry wind, coming on suddenly, arising from a tickle in the throat. It may be worse in the evening and at night.

Antimonium Tartaricum – Cough sounds loose. Course rattling of mucous heard in the chest but very little mucous rises.

Belladonna – Dry, tickling, teasing cough; as from dust oin the throat. Spasmodic cough worse at night, compelling the person to sit up in bed.

Bryonia – Cough hurts a distant part of the body. The person must hold their chest to avoid the discomfort. Worse for movement. Cough leading to gagging and vomiting. Wants cold drinks.

Causticum – Constantly clearing throat. Cannot cough deep enough to bring the mucous up. Drinking cold water relieves the cough. Leaking of urine during the cough.

Corallium Rubrum – The machine gun cough. When the rapid paroxysms run closely together at short or regular intervals, every 30 seconds or a minute apart.

Drosera – Spasmodic cough ending in gagging, retching and vomiting. Prolonged fits of choking cough. Worse in the evening and after midnight.

Hepar Sulph – Cough after the slightest exposure to cold air or a draft. Even putting a hand out of thew covers can lead to the cough. They want to be bundled up and cannot bear to be uncovered.

Kali Bichromicum – Cough with a brassy sound. Tough stringy mucous that hangs down the throat that may be yellowish.

Nux Vomica – Cough that is dry, titillating and fatiguing. Worse in the morning and after eating or drinking.

Phosphorus – Cough often after a head cold has gone to the chest. Tickling low in the trachea leads to the cough. Worse from warm room into cold air. Desires fruit, juices cold liquids. Worse lying on the left side. Heavy feeling on the chest.

Pulsatilla – Dry cough at nigh, worse lying down and better sitting up. Loose cough during the day with yellowish or green expectoration.

Rumex Crispis – Dry incessant or violent cough caused by a tickle in the throat. Cough ceases when the head is covered by the blanket but least air will trigger the cough again.

Spongia Tosta – Cough is very dry and tight. Worse in dry cold weather. The respiration sounds like a saw cutting through a dry pine board.

I have found RHUS TOX 6 or BRY6 for begining stage of cough without epectoration.
JUSTICA30 for cough with expectoration.

I have good clinical homeo combinations formulas for cough.
Genenral cough:
Another formula

Dry Cough:

Rattling Cough:

Sulphur is inter current remedy waith all above formulas.
Pertussin:A very good cough remedy.A nosode for whooping cough.Cough with Cyanosis. Laryngeal spasm,cough not responding to indicated drugs,cough provoked by intense tickling in trachea,larynx, bronchia.

I have found Sanguinaria useful when cough starts from dryness in the throat and is better by passing flatus.
Cuprum met when cough has a gurgling sound as if water being poured from a bottle, which is better by drinking cold water.
and of course croup trio-aconite,spongia, hepar, spongia, according to the change of the character of cough.


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