Cateve descrieri al remediilor constitutionale pt. pisici

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Cateve descrieri al remediilor constitutionale pt. pisici

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Cateve descrieri al remediilor constitutionale pt. pisici facute de un medic veterina cu experienta

I’ll describe a few cat constitutional remedies and some keynotes. An easy one is Phosphorus. They are usually orange cats and oftentimes, if you look at their lips they have freckles. They may like to drink water out of strange places, such as bowls you are using to root plant seedlings. They like cold water. And when they want affection- they want it- and will not take no for an answer. They are very personable, very charming. I always say that when you have a Phosphorus cat you do not need a dog, because they are always with you!

The Natrium muriaticum cat will be more aloof and the owners will tell you that the cat doesn’t really want affection, will not sit in their laps and that they run and hide when company comes. When you give them Nat mur these cats do open up and become more receptive to affection.

The Pulsatilla cat is often seen in kittens who are purring and snuggly and look up at you with trusting eyes as their noses run with some sort of upper respiratory infection. Grown up Pulsatilla cats often like to sleep on their owners faces, although Phosphorus cats will do the same thing. But the Pulsatillas cling and can get easily rebuffed. The Phosphorus demand and if they do not get their due admiration and affection they demand more. You can see how much fun it can be to do homeopathy for animals.

As a tip, there are these cats that run up and bite their owners for no reason…. on the ankle or the leg as they walk buy. Tarantula is a great remedy for those cats.

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