Urmarile la mancat exagerat si dereglari digestive (C . Hering)

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Urmarile la mancat exagerat si dereglari digestive (C . Hering)

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Consequences of surfeiting and disordered stomach (C . Hhering)

When a person has eaten too much, or partaken of any thing heavy, and soon after feels that his stomach is out of order, let him take a cup of strong coffee without milk; should headache or other complaints follow, particularity pressure in pit of the stomach, oppression, nausea, or in children trembling and coldness, give Pulsatilla in water every half hour until relieved. If the patient retches constantly and looks pale, give Ipecacuanha; if the retching is accompanied by heat, particularly in the head, the patient tosses about anxious and distressed, Aconite. Chilliness indicates Pulsatilla; great coldness with violent pains in the stomach, Veratrum. If there remains headache, pressure and heaviness in the stomach, and qualmishness, give Chamomilla; if this fails, Nux vomica.

If there is no improvement felt on the following morning and loathing, nausea, inclination to vomit, still continue, if there are risings with a bad mouldy taste and smell, resembling the smell of the food that has been taken, give Antimonium crudum; if there is rising with a bitter taste, Bryonia; or when putrid, Nux vomica; if like rotten eggs, Arnica; if greasy, Pulsatilla; and if acrid and bitter, Arsenicum. The patient ought to take not nourishment but gruel, barley water, tea and toast, and lastly thin broth, for two or three days, to give the stomach time to recover its functions.
[hr4] A disordered stomach produced by eating pork, or other fat meat, pastry, rancid butter, etc., will be relieved by Pulsatilla. If this does not suffice, try Carbo vegetabilis.
[hr4] For complaints after eating pastry, fresh bread or cake while warm; the patient groans and feels oppressed as if his stomach would burst, Belladonna.
[hr4] A disordered stomach from other food, risings with a taste of what has been eaten, nausea, inclination to vomit, will yield to Antimonium crudum or Pulsatilla.
[hr4] For a disordered stomach from eating fruit, Arsenicum or Pulsatilla; nausea and belching, dry mouth, without thirst, Pulsatilla; much vomiting, constant desire to drink a little at a time, Arsenicum; to persons in the habits of drinking beer or malt liquors, Pulsatilla; spirituous liquors, Arsenicum; children of a mild, yielding, timid, tearful disposition, afraid of strangers, Pulsatilla; obstinate children who are easily offended and become enraged, and are afraid of being alone, Arsenicum; constantly asking for different things, Bryonia or Pulsatilla; if not inclined to give any thing to others, or if cross for being looked at, Arsenicum. Compare "Diarrhoea".
[hr4] PAGE 62
[hr4] For bad effects from eating ice-cream, take Arsenicum; from drinking ice water, or a variety of mild drinks, Carbo vegetabilis.
[hr4] For disordered stomach from bad, sour wine, particularly with much nausea, Antimonium crudum; from wine containing sulphur, Pulsatilla; from sour beer or vinegar, Aconite, particularly when there is a pressing pain in the stomach, nausea, inclination to vomit, and vomiting of phlegm or blood; if the vomiting is sour, with burning in the throat, cutting pain in the bowels and purging, Hepar. For vomiting of food, burning in the stomach and abdomen, cutting pain in the bowels, with coldness, agitation and thirst, Arsenicum; if connected with great debility and sensitiveness to warm and cold, or damp and dry weather, Carbo vegetabilis.
[hr4] For disordered stomach, from stale fish or meat, give forthwith a small quantity of pulverized charcoal, and if this does not remove all the unpleasant symptoms, China; if there is a foul rising, and putrid taste, give Pulsatilla.
[hr4] For disordered stomach from salt victuals, Carbo vegetabilis. Long-lasting, bad effects from eating cabbage, especially sour crout, give Bryonia. Complaints after eating very hot food, Causticum.
[hr4] For directions to remove the symptoms from eating old cheese, sausages, spoiled smoked beef, etc., - see article on "Poisoning"

Overfeeding of children
Children are not unfrequently made ill by overfeeding, or by giving them indigestible food, such as pap made of flour, crackers, bread not sufficiently baked, and the like; especially when they are rocked too much, and are, moreover, dosed with rhubarb, salts, castor oil, etc. All these things should be avoided. To check vomiting, give Ipecacuanha, particularly if the vomiting is accompanied by purging. If this does not soon relieve, give Pulsatilla. If there is purging, with discharge of undigested food, and if the child was already debilitated by aperients or long continued diarrhoea, China. If vomiting is accompanied by constipation, Nux vomica.
Very young children suffer more often from overfeeding than from starvation. Anxious mothers and nurses should reflect that babies, stomachs are not adapted for large quantities. They should receive nourishment often and little at a time. Once in two or three hours is often enough. The quantity should be regulated according to the condition and strength of the child.
The same kind of diet should not be persevered in too long; a variety of things should bet tried and that which seems most palatable to the child, if it is a wholesome article, made the chief article of diet. Milk should be brought to the boiling point, then allowed to stand till it cools, and the scum that forms on the top carefully removed; never allow milk to boil for any length of time, boiling makes it indigestible. Thin gruel agrees better with some. If a some substantial fare is required they should have grits, made of wheat, in preference to pap made of flour. Or fill a linen bag with wheat-flour as tightly as possible, then tie it up well and keep it in boiling water for three hours. After that take it out and let it get cold. Upon removing the bag, you will obtain a hard mass, from which the outer crust must be peeled off. Then grate as much of it as is required for a meal, and have it boiled in water, subsequently adding milk or broth. Baked rusks are also good for children, provided they are not too brown. Pearl barley boiled to a jelly and passed through a sieve, often agrees better than any other kind of food.


If headache with nausea follows a disordered stomach, and the whole head feels as if every thing in it were bruised, give Ipecacuanha. For oppressive headache, with heat in the brain, worse after walking, reading, or eating, with putrid taste, Arnica. For throbbing shooting headache, worse when talking, with much nausea, take Aconite; for dull, general headache, worse whilst going up stairs, and from smoking tobacco, without appetite, with a bitter taste, rising, hiccough, loathing and nausea, worse after drinking wine Antimonium crudum.

For burning, pressing-bursting headache, worse when stooping, as if all would fall through the forehead, throbbing or tearing and piercing pain when walking, or splashing as if from water, worse in the morning early, or with chills, give Bryonia.
A one-sided, or rending, throbbing, jerking headache, worse in the evening after lying down, attended with a putrid or earthy taste in the mouth, and without thirst, is relieved by Pulsatilla. If there is heaviness in the head, and great soreness of the scalp when touched, with trembling in the jaws, a salty taste, and cramp in the stomach, give Carbo vegetabilis; especially to persons who have taken much mercury.

Eructations or risings
See beginning of the chapter.

If occasioned by a disordered stomach and the tongue is coated, give Ipecacuanha; if the tongue is clean, Tartar emetic; if produced by eating too much bread, and attended with great oppression about the pit of the stomach, Bryonia.
If produced by overloading the stomach and attended with bitter taste, or when a burning sensation in the throat remains after vomiting, Pulsatilla.
If accompanied by much loud belching of wind, hot face, and palpitation of the heart, Sepia.
Cramps occasioned by disordered stomach are often cured by the same remedies, according to the similarity of the causes. For other remedies, see "Stomach" and "Cramps"


If it swells the belly, renders breathing difficult, and is caused by flatulent food or drink, such as cabbage, especially sour crout, if from new beer and the like, and particularly when there is a painful tightness across the belly, with pains and pressure about the navel, if at times he passes offensive wind, and is chilled after drinking, take China. If drinking gives rise to pressure in the pit of the stomach, which obstructs breathing, the clothes around the ribs feel too tight, and there is a weight as from stones in the abdomen, Nux vomica;
If caused by eating fat food, after which much water has been drunk, when the wind rolls in the bowels, the belly appearing too full and hard, worse in the evening, Pulsatilla.
If oppression of the chest proceeds from an accumulation of wind, with jerking and shooting pains, a tension about the pit of the Stomach - without exactly swelling the belly - causing a state of utter restlessness and anxiety, Phosphorus will afford relief.
Persons subject to flatulency may take as much of finely pulverized wood-charcoal as will lie on the end of a dessert-knife, once or twice a day; but if Carbo vegetabilis will give relief, the improvement will last much longer. Persons who pass offensive wind, should refrain from eating eggs.

Sudden attacks caused by eating too much, or by a foul stomach, are often relieved by taking coffee without milk; if this fails, give Ipecacuanha, Pulsatilla, Colocynthis, or some other remedy indicated under "Colic".

Arising from disordered stomach, is generally cured by Pulsatilla; in children, when accompanied with nausea and vomiting, by Ipecacuanha; in children who are sleepless, excited and too lively, by Coffea; if cutting pains in the bowels seem to go upwards and produce nausea, and there is great weakness after each evacuation, by Nux vomica. See "Diarrhoea".
For diarrhoea after eating fruit, Ipecacuanha; if the evacuations are slimy, accompanied by slight pain and the external belly is sore, Pulsatilla; when the discharges are watery, very offensive, with burning and cutting pain in the belly, Arsenicum. If the diarrhoea is worse after midnight until morning, give Arsenicum; if later in the morning, Pulsatilla. Compare what is said above under "Disordered Stomach"


If produced y overloading the stomach, it often yields to Coffea, particularly with children, or to Pulsatilla. If caused by strong coffee, Nux vomica.

Nightmare (cosmaruri
From eating too much, can only be prevented by avoiding the cause. A person who is subject to this complaint, should not eat too much at night, and take the medicines recommended for "Nightmare".

Fever with chilliness, disordered stomach, diarrhoea or constipation, particularly in persons of a passionate, cross temper, may be removed by Bryonia; to phlegmatic, awkward persons who are easily offended, give Capsicum. If the fever returns every second day, Antimonium crudum or Ipecacuanha. See "Fevers".

Rash (eruptii)
Rash arising from a disordered stomach, with chilliness and depression of spirits, is often cured by Pulsatilla; with sickness of the stomach and difficulty of breathing, by Ipecacuanha; if this proves useless, give Bryonia. If caused by noxious food, see "Poisoning". For other remedies, see "Eruptions".

Indisposition from cold water or ice
If drinking of water confuses the head, produces nausea and heat, take Cocculus. If it produces cough and headache, Aconite; if cough, vomiting and chills, Arsenicum; if bad taste, as if the water were impure, coldness in the belly, pain in the bowels and chills, China; if nausea with pain in the bowels, Pulsatilla; and if this does not five relief, Rhus tox.

If drinking water produces hiccough, take Ignatia; oppression at the stomach, Ferrum; if it causes bloating of the abdomen, as from flatulency, with pressure in the pit of the stomach, difficulty of breathing, and chills, take Nux vomica; if it causes constant inclination to go to stool, and purging, Capsicum; pain in the chest and shuddering, Veratrum.
If it is followed by toothache, take Bryonia, Mercurius, or Staphisagria, according to symptoms. If merely sensitiveness of the teeth, without pain, Mercurius or Sulphur. See "Toothache".
If a person habitually takes cold in the stomach from drinking cold water, and has in consequence accustomed himself to mix spirits with the water, and wishes to leave off this habit, let him try some of the medicines recommended above. If he does not succeed, let him take a drop of pure sulphuric acid, and mix it with a pint of water by pouring it for some time from one tumbler into another, and take a table-spoonful of this in the morning, fasting, once or twice. This will often warm the stomach, and gradually accustom it to pure water again.
When drinking hastily disorders the stomach, give Silicea;
When cold drinks cause indisposition, Nux vomica or Staphisagria may give relief; it not, try Calcarea.
Sudden indisposition from ice - or very cold water, taken in hot weather, generally yields to Opium or Glonoine. See "Sunstroke". Give Glonoine especially if accompanied by a tendency of blood to the head, twitching in the face, unconsciousness and giddiness almost to reeling. Persons in the habit of drinking spirituous liquors require Nux vomica. If the countenance is pale, if there is a sensation of choking and drooping, a few drops of spirits of camphor, on sugar, or diluted with water, may be administered. Should any symptoms remain, such as headache, or rush of blood to the head, Belladonna or Glonoine will be beneficial; see "Headache". For affections of the stomach, fever, etc., give Carbo vegetabilis or Arsenicum.
For long-standing disorders of the stomach, caused by drinking ice-water in the summer, attended with great weariness, little appetite, if whatever food is taken lies like a weight on the stomach, or is thrown off again, sometimes this is sour, with soreness of the stomach upon pressure; if the stomach and abdomen, are distended by wind, the flatulency becoming very troublesome, the symptoms growing worse in the open air, Carbo vegetabilis will be serviceable.
If there are pains in the stomach, or other symptoms arising in consequence of having swallowed pieces of ice, Arsenicum will be the remedy, or Pulsatilla.
Arsenicum may be administered in cases with violent pressure on the stomach, a burning sensation confined to a small spot, or extending over the stomach or abdomen, great anxiety and disquietude indicated by the countenance; tongue dry; constant thirst, drinking often but little at a time; every thing has a saltish taste; nausea produced by motion, or after drinking, even to vomiting sometimes of bile.
Pulsatilla if there is a cramp-like pressure in the stomach worse after eating, n some cases attended by vomiting; the countenance expressing a disposition to cry; the tongue slimy, taste insipid; no thirst; nausea after eating and drinking, worse in the afternoon and evening, with sour rising, sometimes of wind only, retaining the taste of what the patient has eaten.

The same remedies will answer in affection of the stomach, produced by eating cold fruit, ice-cream and the like. It is particularly injurious to eat ice-cream as a dessert; directly after eating, the stomach needs and produces heat for digestion; anything very cold taken at this time, must therefore prove doubly injurious. Sometimes a kind of paralysis of the stomach ensues, which occasionally yields to Arsenicum.
Every one should be able to drink milk; if it does not agree, it is an indication that there is something wrong about the stomach; If it produces a sour taste in the mouth or costiveness, give Nux vomica; if pains in the bowels and diarrhoea, Sepia or Lycopodium; and if there is rising and vomiting of phlegm and other complaints, and the other remedies have had no effect, Sulphur; if it produces long-lasting nausea, Calcarea.
Persons who feel indisposed after drinking malt liquors, will do well to refrain from them, at least from the stronger kings, which sometimes owe their strength and bitterness to injurious drugs. But it the head should become too easily affected after drinking good beer, etc., take Rhus tox., or Belladonna. If the beer causes vomiting, take Ferrum; if nausea, Arsenicum; if colic, Colocynth.
If a person has taken a little too much wine and feels ill therefrom, he may take Nux vomica; if the smallest quantity of wine affects the head, take Zincum.
Whoever feels indisposed after drinking brandy, may congratulate himself; the best and most salutary advice we can give him is - to let it alone. A dose of Nux vomica, however, may moderate the injurious effects.

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