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Diareea de dimineata

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J.P: Chatterjee

Morning looseness or liquid stools

NATRIUM SULPHURICUm in high potency when stool is forcibly expelled with much spluttering.

SULPHUR, when hurried out of bed with barely time to reach the closet. Passes a large musty stool.

RUMEX CRISPUS. It is just like Sulph. In addition, it has dry cough due to tickling in throat pit or inhaling cold air through the open mouth.

KALI-BICHROMICUM has the same urgency, may even spoil clothes. Stool is watery and comes with a gush followed by much tenesmus.
ALOE SOCOTRINA: Involuntarily passes masses of jelly-like mucus or in the morning finds a large lump of faeces as his companion in bed.
Before the stool, there is much rumbling and gurgling. Suffers from prolapsing piles.

GAMBOGIA : Gushing yellow stool, preceded by gurgling and rumbling and followed by a sense of relief after the stool. The stool irritates and makes the anus sore.

PODOPHYLLUM PELTATUM: Also has a gushing morning stool hurrying the patient out of bed like Sulph, but its looseness is likely to continue the whole day and the stools have a carrion-like odour and light-coloured.

DIOSCOREA VILLOSA : It will cure the looseness, if the stool is with griping, colicky pains which fly to other parts, accompanying the looseness (C.M. Boger)

Dr. Kent warns that “when a well-indicated remedy is prescribed and it brings up a diarrhoea or an excessive sweating or an aggravation of symptoms, or that an old symptom comes back, or even if the symptoms are aggravated but the patient feels better in a general way, no other remedy should be prescribed as it will bring disaster.”

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