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remedii pt. sciatica - Ananda Zaren (engleza)

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Differentiation sciatica

Bryonia alba
Motion aggravates.
Sitting aggravates.
Late evening aggravates.
Pain extending to the thigh.
Pain on the left side, lumbar region.
Lying on the painful side ameliorates.
Pain is shooting, stabbing or stitching.

Right sided.
Cold aggravates.
Heat ameliorates.
Any motion aggravates.
Gentle touch aggravates.
Evening, night aggravate.
Hard pressure ameliorates.
Pain drawing or tearing. Followed usually by numbness or partial paralysis.

Gnaphalium polycephalum
Motion aggravates.
Lying down aggravates.
Stepping (walking) aggravates.
Sitting in a chair ameliorates.
Especially right sided, but can be left sided.
Similar to Colocynthis: Intense neuralgic pains along the nerves + numbness of the affected part.

Iris versicolor
Mostly left sided.
Moderate motion aggravates.
Violent motion makes no difference.
As if the left hip joint were wrenched.
Pains extending to popliteal space or foot.
Shooting pains along the course of the nerve.

Kalium iodatum
Motion ameliorates.
Very common in sciatica.
Severe pain from sciatica.
Lying on the affected side aggravates.
Night aggravates, especially after going to bed. Pain may force the patient out of bed.
Lachesis mutus
Right sided.
Motion aggravates.
[Severe sciatica (Kali iodatum)
Lying still in bed ameliorates.

Magnesium phosphoricum
Right sided.
Warm applications ameliorate.
Attacks of violent, lightening-like neuralgic shocks.
Pain causes inability to lie in bed at night, very specific. They must stand all of the time.

Rhus toxicodendron
Pain is tearing.
Night aggravates.
Warmth ameliorates.
Cold wet applications aggravate.
Excessive physical labour, may cause symptoms.
Exposure to cold wet weather, may cause symptoms.

Tellurium metallicum
Right sided.
Laughing aggravates.
Coughing aggravates.
At night in bed aggravates.
Straining at stool aggravates.
Lying on the affected side aggravates.
Brought on by a damaged disc, irritating the nerve.

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